Fourth Grade - Hybrid

The fourth grade curriculum launches into a chronological study of history. This will provide a firm foundation for your student’s study of history as they see how the Biblical account fits in with ancient civilizations. The student will enjoy many hands-on projects and timelines to bring this information to life. 4th grade is the year reading for information takes off. Literature of all types reinforces the concepts being studied in all other subjects.


Old Testament stories are studied in-depth using the Bible and Ancient World for helpful background information. The history of other civilizations, such as Egypt, Assyria,  Babylon, and Greece, are integrated with Old Testament history. Students learn how the 10 plagues were a judgment against Egypt's gods, and why Israel and Judah feared Assyria. All of history is viewed from a Christian perspective, using Mystery of History and other resources. Students complete a timeline and create a history notebook with a page for each major event or person, map work, and illustrated pages to color.  Enjoy playing the ancient Egyptian game of Senet, writing in cuneiform on clay tablets (cookies), and sampling Old Testament times food. Hands-on projects reinforce learning from in-class books such as Ancient Egypt and other  sources.


Grade appropriate spelling, handwriting, creative writing, and grammar are taught using a variety of materials. Copy work, dictation and memorization are incorporated into the week.  Students will enjoy the classic Greek stories and read beautifully rich literature throughout the year. Various resources are used to strengthen vocabulary skills, reading comprehension and spelling. 


Valor Christian Academy uses Sadlier for our math curriculum. Sadlier provides: 

  • Extensive opportunities for practice of concepts and fact memorization
  • A focus on conceptual development of numeracy
  • Multiple ways to develops math fluency and conceptual understanding
  • Support for deepening the vocabulary of numeracy and cognitive rigor
  • Digital tools for families on their at-home days


The core of this science curriculum uses Foss Science curriculum. This science program focuses on God’s amazing world and is supplemented with many hands-on lab experiments. 


VCA encourages students to enjoy exploring the world of art and music through the use of their creativity and critical thinking. Students explore different artists, styles, and creative thinking that correlate with the humanities that they are studying!