Homeschool | Anchor

At Valor, we know and celebrate that every child learns differently and their educational needs cannot be meet in a one size fits all model. Our mission to partner with parents is key to educating the whole child.  This means working with parents in choosing an educational model that best fits the needs of the child in the way that God designed them.  
For some students, home school education is the best fit.  However, as a parent, this undertaking can be quite challenging navigating resources and instruction.  That is why VCA offers Anchor.  The heartbeat of Anchor is to provide home school families a support community of like-minded families and educators.  Through Anchor, families are provided the following supportive resources:
  • Grade Appropriate Scope & Sequence
  • Curriculum List
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Access to Google Account for Student and/or Parent
  • Access to FACTS (Student Information System) Lesson Plans on Friday for the Following Week
  • VCA School Communication
  • High School Classes Accredited by Valor - Transcript Provided for These Classes
  • High School  - End of Course Exams
curriculum framework
For Local Families, Anchor Offers:

  • Parent Partner Days - Monthly Parenting Informational Sessions 
  • Parent Teacher Fellowship sponsored community events 
  • Back to School Bash
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Father-Daughter Dance
Application process: 
  • Apply here
  • Application Fee: $150 (Includes a Baseline Grade Level for Math and Language Arts Assessment)
  • Family Interview
For more information about Anchor, please contact us here.