Academic Advising at Valor

The VCA Academic Advising Office offers academic guidance and advice to our high school students as they navigate their Upper School experience. Our Academic Advising Program reflects the belief that God has uniquely gifted each student on purpose for a purpose. 

At Valor, we come alongside our students to help them navigate choices after high school, including college/university, missions work, employment and service. We prepare our students for life, guiding them during high school to help them launch into their post-graduation goals in a place where they can utilize their unique gifts for the kingdom. 

A unique opportunity offered to our Upper School students is our signature Diploma of Distinction program. This Distinction program covers one of three main categories: Fine Arts, STEM, or Communication. Through this chosen area of passion, students dig deeper through additional service commitments, internships, related competitions, interviews, and intentional habits in their FOCUS area.

The Diploma of Distinction program prepares students to launch into the world with a better preparation of their God-given gifts. The Diploma of Distinction program is a two year commitment and is offered in the spring of 10th grade.

Additionally, Valor offers the following programs to strengthen and equip our students: 
National Honor Society 
Student Ambassador Program


"Because Valor highlights the importance of diligence, hard work, and integrity, I have felt well prepared for my college courses. In college, I have found that the discipline of the student matters just as much, if not more so, then the course material, in classroom success. During my time at Valor, I was taught the importance of studying, of asking questions, and of

Hannah H

maintaining relationships with my teachers, and all these things have prepared me well for college. Reading and writing are two of the most essential parts of your academic journey in a university, and because Valor emphasizes these two things so greatly, I have been able to handle papers and assignments in college without feeling anxious. As well as preparing me academically, the school also prepared me socially. The community I found at Valor is truly irreplaceable. The people I find myself drawn to here, are the people that Valor encourages us to be. My time with my VCA family was an amazing blessing, and those relationships and values have stuck with me during my time at college."

- Hannah H, 2022 Valor Graduate, University of Georgia

VCA's Attending Institution code number is 110080

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