High School

Life Prep, College Ready!


It is our hope and prayer that when students graduate from VCA, they are prepared for life. We aim to ensure they are ready for college or whatever next step they take in life.  All college-bound VCA students have been accepted into their "best-fit" college while other students have launched into various areas such as the mission field, the military, a gap-year program or the entertainment industry.

 VCA supports upper school students with academics as well as helps prepare them for life after high school. We endeavor to accomplish this by offering support in classes, providing testing information, dates, and resources, assisting with the college application process, and explaining pertinent information regarding GPA, HOPE, scholarships, and transcript information. Students are taught to steward well their gifts, talents, and passions as they go out and impact culture through the spheres of family, religion, education, government, business, arts and entertainment, and media.

VCA CEEB Testing Code: 110080


Diploma of Distinction


Recognizing the unique design of each student, the Diploma of Distinction program at Valor Christian Academy serves as an opportunity for high school students with a commitment in Fine Arts, Communications, or STEM to receive credit for further study, research and experience in their area of interest. Those completing the entire process graduate with a Diploma of Distinction. These diploma distinctions provide a venue for students to build upon and/or demonstrate an area of interest as they personalize their Valor Upper School experience.


Over the course of four semesters beginning junior year, in addition to their academic work, students complete Distinctive requirements that are aligned with the Valor Core Values.  Requirements include: 


  • Interviews
  • Internships
  • Additional Community Service 
  • Participation in conferences, competitions and exhibitions
  • Participation in school events 
  • New habits


This unique opportunity allows our students to distinguish themselves from their peers by demonstrating their passionate focus before entering the next level of training and education. 

Since 2011, we have launched legacies into the many spheres of influence!
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