Fine Arts

VCA offers a comprehensive fine arts program that includes music, drama, band, and visual arts that varies depending on mode of instruction.  The drama department provides the opportunity for each student to participate in a full-scale production. The fifth-grade and middle school bands present several concerts throughout the year as well. A juried art show and a variety of field trips highlight the art program. Annually, the department celebrates the gifts and talents of each student with a Fine Arts Festival each spring.

Visual Arts

art showValor students in preschool through fifth grade attend art class each week. The program integrates the four dimensions of art into every age-appropriate lesson: art history and culture, aesthetic perception, art production, and art criticism. Students encounter a broad range of art media for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional self-expression. In 6th-12th grade, art is offered as an elective for students who have an interest in this area.


BandConcert band is offered as an elective to students in 5th-8th grade. In the fifth-grade (beginning) band, students explore new notes and rhythms as they learn to play their instruments. A benefit of the small class size as it relates to band, in particular, is that each student is in the “spotlight” in class more often, and receives more individual lesson time during band period. Beginning students on all levels are welcome in fifth-grade band.
The middle school band consists of students in grades 6 through 8 who have been playing their instruments for at least one year. Several band concerts showcase the students’ progress throughout the school year.


Lower school students attend weekly music classes where they experience music in many different ways with the emphasis on music as a form of worship. Each year the music department presents Christmas and spring concerts that showcase our students’ musical talents. 


Drama is offered as a course elective to middle school students. The students stage a full production each spring. Performance opportunities are also available to students in all grades during the spring Fine Arts Festival.