First Grade - Full-time

First Grade is a year devoted to extending the foundations of God’s Love. This is a year to build upon the foundation of math focusing on basic facts, place value, mental math, and geometry. Reading comes to life in First as we strengthen phonics skills and extend towards creative writing and fluency. Hands-on science ramps up and plants the seeds for a life-long love of exploration.

Bible: (Deep Roots)

Deep Roots is an apologetics and worldview Bible curriculum, equipping students with the tools and training to stand firm in the face of today’s cultural challenges. Students will study the following: 

  • Creation
  • The Fall; Cain & Abel
  • Noah and the Flood; The Tower of Babel
  • Call & Covenant of Abraham
  • Isaac & Rebekah; Jacob & Esau
  • The Life of Joseph
  • Moses, plagues, Exodus & Conquering the Promised Land
  • Thanksgiving & Christmas
  • Crucifixion & Resurrection
  • Origins & God’s Design
  • Our Mission & Future Victory
  • Eternal Life in Heaven
  • Inductive Bible Study

Phonics/Spelling/Handwriting (Abeka)

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Decoding (consonants, vowels (long and short), digraphs, diphthongs, blends, combinations)
  • Syllable division, affixes, contractions, compound words, abbreviations
  • Fluency in oral reading (decodable readers/fluency readers)
  • Handwriting (manuscript)
  • Spelling (patterns and sight words)

Reading (Collaborative Classroom : Making Meaning)

  • Vocabulary
  • Fairy tales, folktales, fables, tall tales and biographies
  • Skills: Sequence, retelling, referential representation, character, compare/contrast, cause/effect, story structure (plot), questioning, drawing conclusions, and important details
  • Students practice at their independent reading level

Writing and Grammar (Collaborative Classroom : Being a Writer)

  • Grammar: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions
  • Writing process
  • Sentences 
  • Write a paragraph
  • Forms of Writing (narrative, opinion, informative/explanatory)
  • Speaking/listening /learning skills (speaking to others, listening, interviewing, journals and learning logs)

Math (Sadlier-Oxford: Progress in Mathematics)  

  • Numbers, number words and ordinals 
  • Addition/subtraction strategies to 20
  • Data and graphing
  • Place value to 120
  • Geometry
  • Money and time
  • Measurement
  • Addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers with regrouping
  • Fractions 

Science (Project Lead The Way and Other Resources)

  • Life Science: Plants  and animals (classification and habitats)
  • Earth and Space Science: Weather (measuring weather, cloud types, water cycle); Seasons
  • Physical Science: Forces and motion (heat, light, sound and motion); magnets

Social Studies  (Georgia Studies Weekly)

  • Community (neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, country, continents)
  • Map Skills: Locate continents and major oceans, compass rose and cardinal directions
  • Identify and describe landform (mountains, deserts, valleys, and coasts)
  • Government/Civics: My Country Tis of Thee and America the Beautiful
  • Work (needs/wants; spending/saving)
  • American Colonies (Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson)
  • American Frontier (Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea)
  • National Parks (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • Southern U.S. (George Washington Carver & Ruby Bridges)
  • Economics (goods and services, producers and consumers, spending and saving)


  • Art
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • P.E.
  • Media Center/Reading Counts
  • Technology
  • Chapel