History of Valor Christian Academy

In 1998, a group of parents and church leaders in Alpharetta, Georgia, were drawn together by a vision to create an academic environment where students could grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52).

Their desire was to partner with parents in raising children in an environment that emphasized a Christian world-view, based on biblical principles, in a place where every child was known. Through God's grace, their vision came to fruition and Bridgeway Christian Academy was launched.

They embraced the foundational philosophy that the school should play an essential role in cultivating each child individually from preschool to middle school, in collaboration with their church and home. Dedicated Christian teachers and the use of biblical integration in all subject areas, in a safe and nurturing environment, became the mainstay of their programs.

In 2010, another group of parents in Alpharetta, Georgia, sat on a deck talking about the future of their children and pondered the question, "Education today, is it working?" Their conversation was processed through the lens of Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he or she should go..." They began to evaluate various methods and models of Christian education.

Their vision was to partner with parents to raise mission-minded student leaders, ensuring every child was known, while providing creative and innovative thinking in the classroom. Through God's grace, their vision came to fruition and Legacy Community Academy was launched.

LCA began to encourage, equip, empower and engage families as they sought to develop mission- minded student leaders who would shape culture. LCA operated as an accredited hybrid model, providing on-campus instruction with certified teachers, allowing families margin to reinforce concepts and instruction at home. Students were served from kindergarten to high school.

In 2018, someone asked BCA Associate Head of School, Jennifer Gastley, the question -

"What would you do to grow BCA?" She responded with an answer the Lord had put on her heart - "To offer a hybrid model of education." Jennifer had no idea what was to come!

Around the same time, LCA Co-Founder, Suzanne Phillips, and the LCA Board were praying about opportunities and strategies to grow their school. They had always dreamed of a larger campus and expanding their community for the sake of Kingdom impact.

Independently, BCA and LCA were both seeking to follow God’s ultimate plan for Christ-centered education. Their purposeful paths ultimately led them to a place of convergence.

In 2019, leaders from both schools began connecting as like-minded Christian educators seeking to grow and learn from one another. Behind the scenes God was at work in ways they never expected, preparing good works for them to accomplish together. Hearts and visions were shared through several meetings and they all began to ask the question, “What if?”

What if BCA and LCA linked arms to fulfill their vision and dreams together? The leadership teams began to see the writing on the wall! Through prayer and discernment, it became so clear. Their shared desire to create an environment where every child was known could be realized in a much greater way through the convergence of the two schools. By coming together, they could become a better version of what they had envisioned all along!

In 2020, Valor Christian Academy was launched.