Innovation Expo

The 2024 Innovation Expo | Spring 2024
We are excited to announce that Valor will host the Innovation Expo for Spring 2024 on March 12, 2024.
This year we have invited schools in our area to host their own Innovation Expos. Winners from other participating schools have been invited to join us at  Valor On Friday, April 12th to compete against Valor's Innovation Expo winners for grand champion winners!
What is Innovation Expo?
Is there a problem you want to solve? Innovation Expo is an opportunity for students K-12th grade to present their creative problem solving ideas to a "shark tank" of judges and a supportive audience. Students have creative freedom to create prototypes, drawings or models of their ideas. 
Proposals can be submitted for approval during the open submission dates for Spring 2024. 
Proposal Form | Elementary Students (please print, fill out and give to your classroom teacher)
Proposal Link | Upper School Students (please complete the link)
*Special Note* - All 8th -12th grade Full Time / Hybrid students enrolled for honors credit in a high school science (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Human Anatomy) are required to participate.
If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Guess at [email protected]

As a student today, you will be a part of creating the world of our future. Learning to create and innovate now will open the doors of opportunity to participate in other innovations like building 3D-printed habitats for space!

What is an "innovation"?
An innovation is a new way of doing something, a new product or a new service.

Why do people innovate?
God created us in His image and God is a Creator; therefore, we are creators! We innovate because we have ideas to share, we see problems that need to be solved and because it's flat-out FUN!

Is there an innovation process?
The process of innovation is as unique as each individual innovator. That said, most successful innovators do follow a general sequence. This sequence can be called "Design Thinking". In Design Thinking, the first step (Understand) is to identify a problem or a group that needs your help. The second step (Ideate) is to brainstorm possible ways to meet the needs of your group or to solve the problem you have identified. The third step (Prototype) is to build, create, and plan your best solution idea. In the next step, innovators try out (Test) to see how the plan works, and gather information on how to improve their idea. The last step is to fully implement your idea. The process is a circle because once the idea is implemented you must check with the user to see if it's working as you hoped! 

What should I do for the Innovation Expo? 
The first step is to identify a problem you see or something that needs to be improved. What would you do differently? At Innovation Expo you may present a prototype, a drawing, a video, a model or anything you can imagine that will help share your idea with listeners. There are no limitations on your ideas or your presentation choice. Just be prepared to explain your innovation to listeners in a way that makes them as excited about it as you are! Be sure to look at the rubric when planning your innovation and presentation. Is your drawing/model/plan clear, detailed, neat and interesting to look at? Does your innovation help others in a positive way? Do you have enough to present for 5 minutes? Are you prepared to answer questions about your idea and design? Then, let's GO!

Looking for inspiration? 
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