Q. Is VCA a covenant Christian school?

VCA defines covenant Christian school as a community of like-minded families.   A like-minded family is where one parent of our K-8th grade students has a personal relationship with Jesus.  For high school, at least one parent or the student has a personal relationship with Jesus.  By this definition, VCA is a covenant Christian school. 

Q. Is Valor Christian Academy accredited? 

A. Yes. Our full-time mode is accredited by Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). 

Our hybrid mode is accredited with Quality through the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC). This is the highest level of accreditation granted to a non-traditional education center in the state of Georgia.  This classification is granted to a center that has involved its faculty and staff in a study of the GAC principles and has provided the Commission with satisfactory documentation that all principles required for Accredited with Quality status have been met.

Q. What are your school hours?

Preschool (3-year-old)  |  8am to 12pm Monday through Thursday
Preschool (4-year-old)  |  8am to 12pm Monday through Friday

Full-Time Kindergarten through 5th Grade  
8am to 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9am to 3pm Wednesday
8am – 12:15pm Friday

Full-Time Middle School 
8am – 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
9am - 3pm Wednesday

Hybrid K - 5th  |  8:00-2:15 Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

Hybrid 6th - 8th  |  8:00-2:15 Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Hybrid 9th - 12th  |  8:00-2:15 Monday-Thursday

Q. Do students at VCA wear uniforms?

Yes, a VCA uniform including shirts, bottoms, and outerwear is followed for the purpose of unity and community. Although the uniform is simple and does not include all garments, modesty and discretion are expected. Specific uniform guidelines are available through Admissions. 

Q.  Are entrance assessments required for VCA?

Yes, all new students receive an assessment to assist with proper placement. Once the application is received, our Director of Admissions will reach out to schedule the assessment.  Along with testing, standardized tests, transcripts and report cards will be reviewed during the admissions process. If there is a question concerning past academic performance once an applicant’s transcripts have been reviewed, further assessment may be necessary before admittance can be determined.

Q. Are books included in tuition?

Books are provided in the annual tuition for the full-time mode.   However, students will be given a list of additional supplies to be purchased before the first day of school.

Families purchase some of the curriculum materials for the hybrid mode. Students will also be given a list of additional supplies to be purchased before the first day of school. 

Q. Do you accept International Students?

A. Yes, we are accepting and enrolling visiting International students, K-12th grade. 

Q. Does VCA have an ETS (Educational Testing Site) Code?

VCA has been assigned the Level I SAT Attending Institution code number 110080. This Level I code allows VCA to receive students' SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PLAN, or ACT scores. Students, please use this number when registering for either the SAT Program or the ACT Assessment.  If the correct code number is not entered, copies of the score report will not be sent to the student.

We are listed in the National Secondary School List as noted below:


4755 Kimball Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Q. Does VCA offer standardized testing?

Yes, we offer standardized testing in the fall and spring.  We partner with NWEA and use the Measures Of Academic Progress (MAP) test to benchmark learning and chart growth. 

Does VCA accept students with learning differences?

Yes, VCA may accept students with learning differences.  The school will evaluate on an individual basis any learning difference accommodations that may be provided for enrolled students who have been diagnosed by a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist.