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PLTW Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is the country’s foremost provider of science, technology, engineering. and math (STEM) programs. Each PLTW unit, referred to as a module, centers around the activity, problem, and project-based approach. Modules are designed to help students cultivate the skills they will need to be successful in a global economy by providing hands-on, real-world activities, projects, and problems that help students understand how the knowledge and skills they develop in the classroom may be applied in everyday life.PLTW

PLTW has been implemented school-wide for full-time K-8th grade and will be integrated into our hybrid program beginning 2021-22. It is taught by classroom teachers, all of whom have been fully trained and certified as PLTW instructors.

Kaala Guess, who is a certified STEM instructor and Science teacher at Valor Christian Academy, is laying the foundation for the students to see how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are a part of her students’ everyday life. She said, “being a part of PLTW has transformed my view of teaching and what education can look like. Watching students engage, question, create, learn from their failures, collaborate with their peers… it makes the classroom and the process of learning fun again! I love how our students get excited about overcoming a failure in a build and how they learn to take bits and pieces of each group member’s ideas to make a model or a project that the whole team can be proud of!”