Education at VCA includes multiple modes of instruction. Currently, we offer the following modes to educate, strengthen, and equip the whole child. No matter the mode of instruction, our academy serves the whole child through partnership with your family.

VCA's preschool mode serves three and four-year-olds through an on-campus half-day instructional program.

VCA's full-time option partners with the family by providing a five-day-a-week instructional program accredited by ACSI and Cognia. This mode provides students an on-campus classroom experience throughout the entire week. 

VCA's hybrid option partners with the family by offering a graduated schedule, allowing students an on-campus classroom experience two days a week in K-5th and three days a week in 6th - 8th grade. Lesson plans are provided for the at-home learning days.

Anchor (Homeschool)
Anchor is our home school support program for families that home school. Anchor provides scope and sequence, curriculum and lesson plans for at home learning and instructional.  Additional support services are available to assist in the educating the whole child.

High School
VCA's high school program offers 4 days of on campus, traditional high school, with a fifth day of independent learning.