About Us

Valor Christian Academy, located in Alpharetta, GA, is a Preschool through 12th-grade Jesus-centered academy promoting learning and leadership through multiple modes of instruction. Currently, we offer the following modes to educate, strengthen, and equip the whole child: Preschool, Full-time (K-8th), Hybrid (K-8th), High School and Anchor (Homeschool). 

Valor is derived from a Latin root word that means to be strong and to be worthy.  We intentionally chose the word, “Academy” because by definition, it means one step below a university and one step above a common school. Valor Christian Academy recognizes that now more than ever, students who graduate with a biblical worldview face a post-Christian culture and pressure to conform. For students to stand firm in truth and step forward in faith, strength is required, and students' worth must be found in identity in Christ alone.

Core Values
VCA Shield
Valor's tagline,  "Standing Firm in Truth | Stepping Forward in Faith" serves as a reminder to take up the shield of faith as part of the armor of God. The V on the shield stands for Valor, and in its center, a cross reminds us that Jesus is at the center of all we do.

School Colors
  • Blue |The Word of God
  • Red | The Blood of Jesus
  • White | The Holiness of God