Innovation Expo 2023

Congratulations to all 30 of our Innovation Expo participants for 2023! We look forward to hosting the Innovation Expo at Valor in the Spring of 2024.  
Please join us in congratulating our 2023 winners: 
1st Place High School (tie): 
Daniel O.  (Team Track)
Connor W. and Hannah P. (Gym Rat Restaurant)
2nd Place High School: 
Avery L. (Eco-can)
3rd Place High School (Tie):
Taylor S. (Pill Necklace)
Lauren H. and Hope M.  (Plant Waterer & Nutrient Provider)
1st Place Middle School: 
Ariah R. (Compact Tourniquet)
2nd Place Middle School:
Shep G. (Magnetic Generator)
3rd Place Middle School:
Miller C. (Dr. Easy)
1st Place Elementary School: 
Evan D. (Foster Care Box)
2nd Place Elementary School:
Aven V. (School Zone App)
3rd Place Elementary School:
Alyson T. and Madeline T. (Robot Maid)