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Parent Resources

Please complete the form below at least one week (5 school days) prior to the request for leave.
If you student is absent due to illness, please email, call the front desk 770-751-1982.
All parents who wish to drive students on school related trips must print, sign and return a driver background check and provide copy of a drivers license and current insurance card.


Our goal is to provide a learning environment where all students can concentrate and focus easily without being distracted by dress. The two main principles which define our approach to dress code are modesty and neatness. In addition to promoting these two principles, VCA uniforms:

  • Readily identify the student and the school in the community
  • Encourage discipline and responsibility in the life of the student
  • Give the student a sense of belonging and identification
  • Are practical and economical


VCA has "Daily" and "Dress Uniform" requirements. Dress uniforms have significance to our community by helping us choose personal responsibility and self discipline.


General dress code requirements are included in the Family Handbook. Specific uniform and vendor information can be found via the following links:

Family Portal/Renweb District Code is VAL-GA
Family Portal Link


Option 1 – Bring Your Own Lunch

Students can bring their own lunch. There will be microwaves available during this time. Please pack cutlery, napkins and easy-to-open items.


Option 2 – Order Lunch Through Our Contracted Vendors

For students who do not bring a lunch, VCA is offering a lunch-ordering service through (see links above under FACTS | Renweb). Orders must be placed by midnight on Saturday for the following week.

The Valor Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) exists to support the partnership between families, staff and students in alignment with Valor Christian Academy’s mission statement.


To volunteer with the PTF, please fill out this FORM.

If your child requires prescription medications to be administered at school, please print this form, fill it out in it's entirety, sign and return with any prescribed medication in it's original bottle.

Looking for a place to serve with your family? Check out this list of vetted Community Service Organization Recommendations
Each year our families create a page in our Summer Serve book on StoryJumper. In August we publish this book to capture a glimpse of Kingdom work through our community. Completion of the service and this StoryJumper page is the first Life Prep/Bible grade for our students in the fall.
As part of our summer work we require all students to serve. Summer service hour requirements are as follows:  

  • K-5th Grade       | 4 hours
  • 6th-8th Grade   | 6 hours
  • 9th-12th Grade | 8 hours

An invitation to edit your individual families page will be sent on May 17th. The invitation comes directly from StoryJumper and will say, "Elizabeth wants to make a book with you!"


Link to Summer Serve Video